Stratagraph, a leader in the mud logging business, is now offering wellsite geology to its list of services for the oil and gas industry.

As drilling around the United States continues to expand, we have assembled a team of experienced and degreed geologists to ensure accuracy on the job and lower your drilling costs. Our wellsite geologists are able to monitor the well continuously and provide recommendations based upon real time data, which will assist in deciding if specialized tests should be performed and ultimately when to stop drilling. Stratagraph also provides onsite supervision of logging and coring programs, which include identifying cores and coring points, MWD/LWD and mud logging. Health and safety requirements are incorporated in daily geological operations.

Stratagraph’s onsite daily geological reports contain a lithological description of drilled samples, a summary of previous 24-hour drilling progress, and any important information relating to progress at the wellsite. Onsite transfer of any drilling, geological and hydrocarbon data, along with all other data collected, are presented in a comprehensive report.

Stratagraph’s wellsite geologists also liaise with drilling and petroleum engineers and mud loggers during the course of the project. Our geologists perform many different tasks to make sure the integrity of the well is never compromised:

  • Evaluate offset data before the start of drilling
  • Analyze, evaluate and describe formations while drilling
  • Advise on drilling hazards and bit optimization
  • Become representative of the onshore oil company geology team
  • Compile detailed reports daily, weekly and post-well reporting logs
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of MWD/LWD tools as geosteering becomes more important

Stratagraph has a commitment to its customers to provide only the most qualified and experienced personnel. We work hard to make sure every job is done safely and to your satisfaction.