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Providing clients with accurate, reliable, and consistent information from your drilling site, Stratagraph ensures optimal operation decisions can be made without delay to protect the wellbore and preserve a safe work environment. With a long history of safe operations throughout the United States and beyond, we are confident in our ability to help you drill a better well.

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Our History

Stratagraph was established in 1961 by Louisiana native and well-known race car driver/team owner Billy J. Hagan. Starting with little more than a couple of logging units, some first-generation equipment, and a true entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Hagan set on a journey that is still going strong today. His legacy is continued through the work of his son, owner and CEO, William Hagan.

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2021 marks Stratagraph’s 60th year in the mud logging industry. Over the years we have become a widely respected leader in the ever-changing field of mud logging. Our company is well-positioned for continued growth in the years ahead. We have logged hundreds of wells throughout South and West Texas, and also all throughout the Gulf Coast region.

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Accurate Data Reliable Solutions Experienced Loggers Quality Services More Than 5000 Wells Logged In The Gulf Coast Area Alone Innovative Solutions Industry Leading Technology


Stratagraph is a pioneer in the mud logging industry. Since 1961, Stratagraph has been providing quality, reliable and accurate data services throughout the Gulf of Mexico, across North America, and overseas. We are proud of our immense experience throughout Texas, Louisiana, and many different exploration locations across America.

Stratagraph delivers outstanding service with industry-leading FID gas detection and efficient data acquisition services. Stratagraph offers numerous geological services including Geosteering, Mass Spec, FID, XRF analysis, cutting analysis, and much more. Knowledgeable specialists deliver the data crucial to keeping an operation running in a format that suits each client’s needs. Whether you want information on the drill floor, remotely, digitally, or via fax, we have the tools to get the job done. Having logged thousands of wells, our experienced mud loggers have a combined knowledge that is unsurpassed. We have logged more than 5,000 wells in the Gulf Coast area alone.


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