Along with the countless ways you can view your well data digitally, we can also customize your log to suit your needs. You may also receive data in multiple file formats for easy viewing or you can download a free viewer. Data can be collected and stored in time and depth base formats. Color schemes and symbols are fully customizable to fit your company’s standards.

To complement mud logging information and give a clearer picture of what’s going on with a well, other data such as measurement while drilling (MDW) and logging while drilling (LWD) data can be incorporated into well data logs.

Measured depth logs, usually in the traditional nomenclature of two-inch and five-inch, are drafted using the industry standards. The two-inch provides sufficient space to display the essential hydrocarbon data and general trends in rate of penetration. The five-inch are more suited to show geological detail and the nature of formation boundaries and transitions.

Geopressure logs, while being equally important in formation evaluation, may also indicate the presence or absence of sufficient porosity and permeability in the section to allow hydrocarbon expulsion and migration. They are also used to confirm the geochemical indicators of hydrocarbon catagenensis and petroleum maturation.

From the total customization of an engineering log to the detailed and precision horizontal log one thing is consistent…accuracy. For further information on Stratagraph’s capability to customize your log the way you want it, contact one of our Business Development Managers HERE.