Stratagraph offers multiple onsite monitoring packages as well as offsite monitoring options to suit your needs and budget. Well logging systems come with all the essential equipment to monitor, record and generate standard or customized computer logs. Remote monitoring is available to allow company representatives or drillers to see logged data in real time using the latest satellite technology.

Available Options Include:Working in the Field

  • Gas Chromatograph Integrator
  • True Vertical Depth Log
  • MWD / LWD Data Integration
  • Ditch Magnet
  • Drill Cuttings Scale
  • Calcimeter
  • QGM Gas Trap Phase 1
  • QGM Gas Trap Phase 2
  • Digital Microscopy
  • Single/Multi Channel H2S Monitor with Alarm
  • LAS Data Disk
  • Additional Remote Data Displays
  • Rig Floor Data Display
  • Company Man Workstation
  • Iso-Tube Gas Sampling
  • Iso-Jar Cuttings Samples
  • Pore Pressure Plots