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At Stratagraph, we want to be your partner in creating a better solution for your mudlogging and geosteering needs. As one of the largest independently owned mudlogging and geosteering company, we provide  companies onshore and offshore both domestically and internationally with real-time, customizable data solutions.


With more than 5 million hours logged and over 50 years of experience, our commitment to safety and exceptional service has built our strong reputation for customer satisfaction.  Our own highly experienced and extensively trained mud loggers have supported us in achieving one of the best EMR safety ratings in the industry, averaging .90 over the past 5 years alone.


We achieve minimal downtime for our clients with Stratagraph's advanced systems and back-up equipment on all job sites, and our approach to total communication offers the support you need for successful completion of your projects. We believe better logging leads to better results, and better results lead to better partnerships.

Providing you with accurate, reliable, and consistent information from your drilling site, Stratagraph ensures optimal operation decisions can be made without delay to protect the wellbore and preserve a safe work environment. With a long history of safe operations throughout the United States and beyond, we are confident in our ability to help you drill a better well.


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