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Stratagraph offers seasoned geologists already comfortable with working on drilling sites and with various teams onsite. In addition to the convenience of having a geologist readily available onsite, the quality of our geologists’ experiences is enhanced by their continually updated knowledge of MWD tools such as gamma and resistivity as geosteering becomes increasingly important.

Well-site geologists are a vital information link between you and your worksite, while also advising operations personnel on-site and in the operations office. They are the “eyes and ears” of the geology department.  Any concern of communication loss is virtually eliminated as a well-site geologist monitors mud logging activity, works closely with the directional team, monitors MWD (measuring while drilling) and LWD (logging while drilling) data, communicates with the drilling department, has daily conversations with the foreman and skillfully geosteers in real-time.

Based entirely on site, your well site geologist provides the following during your operation:


  • Evaluates Offset Data Before Drilling Begins
  • Analyzes, Evaluates, and Describes Formations While Drilling  (using cuttings, gas, formation evaluation measurement while drilling, and wireline data)
  • Compares Data Gathered During Drilling with Predictions Made at the Exploration Stage
  • Advises on Drilling Hazards and drill Bit Optimization
  • Represents the Oil Company Geology Department Onsite
  • Supervises Mud logging, LWD, and Wireline Services Personnel and Provides Quality Control for these Services
  • Keeps Detailed Records, Writes Reports, Completes Daily/ Weekly/ Post-Well Reporting Logs and sends to all the  Appropriate Departments

• Raton Basin

• Denver Basin

• Powder River Basin

• Black Warrior Basin

• Uinta Basin

• Western Gulf Basin

• TX-LA-MS Salt Basin


• San Juan Basin

• Ft Worth  Basin

• Green River Basin

• Williston Basin

• Paradox Basin

• Piceance Basin

• Permian Basin


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