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Goodrich entrusted Stratagraph with logging their wells in the unpredictable and geologically diverse Tuscaloosa Marine Shale beginning in June of 2012. To date, Stratagraph has logged 8 wells for Goodrich and continues to log for them in the TMS presently.

Goodrich required accurate data, good lithology samples and reliable mudlogging services. The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is a sedimentary basin with variable formation pressures that require better mud systems and more sophisticated casing systems for successful horizontal drilling at greater depths.

Stratagraph’s Stratatel Logging System was utilized as a solution to the obstacles associated with this drilling project. This system utilizes an FID gas detection system to gather the required data to successfully drill wells in this location. Stratagraph’s highly qualified loggers utilize their expertise to consistently provide Goodrich with the following information in a convenient format:

• ROP Curve

• Bit Record

• Chromatograph Analysis

• Temperature Out Curve

• Total Gas in Mud Curve

• Sample Photos

• Corrected to Proper Depth

• Gas & Oil Evaluations

• Mud Characteristics (weight, viscosity, etc.)

• Gases: Background, Trip & Connections

• Directional Data

Goodrich Petroleum Corporation was formed in 1995 and is an independent exploration and production company in the oil and gas industry with over 100 employees. Having successfully worked with Goodrich and Encana (Goodrich’s partner in this area) in the past and as one of the few mudlogging companies that continue to train their loggers in formation pressures, Stratagraph was a natural choice for providing mudlogging services to Goodrich’s drilling projects in this new area. Formed approximately 90 million years ago and holding an estimated 7 billion barrels of oil, the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play is a geologically diverse and unpredictable formation for drilling.


To increase the success rate for drilling a better well horizontally in both a time and cost effective manner, it was critical for Goodrich to receive the most accurate and reliable data available to call correct depths in formation changes, choose the right area to enter into the lateral section, and land in the productive zone. Previous mudlogging in the TMS was scarce and the formation is drastically different in thickness from one well to the next and is known for variable formation pressures. Without the necessary data available for horizontal drilling, drillers experience problems with landing too high, resulting in wells dropping off and less than optimal production numbers. This unpredictability in the formation requires skilled mudloggers with advanced technology to provide the accurate data needed to land in the lower Tuscaloosa for greater success.  To overcome these challenges, Goodrich sought the following from the services Stratagraph provided in this project:

1. Accurate and Reliable Data   2. Lithology Samples

3. General Information on Horizontal Drilling of this Formation


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