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Targeting the specific needs for each site, we gather data and provide a detailed record of the wellbore while offering a wealth of information on the lithology of the drill site. From a field development project to the most volatile high-pressure exploration well, Stratagraph has the personnel and equipment to handle the project. Knowledgeable specialists deliver a detailed look at the drilling process, site lithology, and overall well operations in a format that suits your needs. We offer 5-core services that can be customized to meet your data gathering and information needs.


  *  Full Mud logging Services

  *  Real-Time Data Acquisition and Advanced Rig Monitoring Services

  *  WITS Dependent Mud logging Services

  *  On-Site and Remote Geosteering

  *  Well-Site Geology

Stratagraph monitors and analyzes drilling parameters in real time through various sensors and specialized equipment installed on the drilling rig. Using sophisticated gas detection technology, we monitor gas properties to provide you the immediate information you need to take appropriate action to ensure safety on your project. Focused on providing accurate and reliable data to our clients, Stratagraph calibrates our equipment every 12 hours or as conditions dictate using a certified gas calibration standard. The results of all calibrations are stored locally on the computer hard drive also printed out for easy viewing. This offers peace of mind that only accurate gas data is being reported.

  *  Stratatel Logging System

  *  Strataview Data Acquisition and Rig Monitoring System

  *  FID (Flame Ionization Detector) Gas Detection Equipment

Stratagraph offers tailored logs, detailed morning and afternoon reports and continual communication options to meet your needs. With numerous ways to view your well data, you can access up-to-date information anywhere and anytime in multiple formats. Data can be collected and stored in time and depth base formats, and color schemes and symbols are fully customizable to fit your company’s standard.


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