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Optimal decisions on well operations can be made when accurate drilling functions are available in usable formats. Stratagraph offers multiple onsite monitoring packages to suit your needs and budget. Well logging systems come with all the essential equipment to monitor record and generate standard and customized computer logs. Formation and mud samples are collected at specific intervals throughout the drilling process to gain an accurate understanding of what is happening with the wellbore and the formation.

The Strataview Real-Time Data Acquisition and Advanced Rig Monitoring System is the most comprehensive rig monitoring system used in the industry today. This system provides 75 drilling functions and hydraulic calculations to keep company representatives and rig personnel current on drilling and wellbore conditions. This system is a perfect choice for exploration and wildcat projects.


With three customizable screens and remote interactive workstation capabilities, you select the data you need to see and how you want to view it. The Strataview system provides additional sensors not available on our Stratatel system. For your critical project we offer WOB, monitoring of pits, pump pressure and mud flow amongst many others.  In addition to our standard mudlogs, we will also generate daily pore pressure profile, engineering, and gas ratio logs in addition having the ability to import logging while drilling (LWD) and measurement while drilling (MWD) data.

The Stratatel Full Mud logging System provides drilling data when the project does not require a complete rig monitoring system. With a standard suite of sensors, the system is ideal for development projects and comes with all of the essential monitoring equipment such as depth, rate of penetration, gas and pump strokes in addition to standard computer generated logs. Providing the accuracy of a computer-generated logging system for the cost of a hand-drawn log, mudlogs produced by this system include 1”= 100 feet, 1” =200 feet, and 5”=100 feet logs in measured depth or true vertical depth formats.

For an economical alternative to more sophisticated mud logging services, Stratagraph can utilize the available sensor data from a rig monitoring system already in place to detect gasses with our WITS dependent mud logging system.

Stratagraph provides additional options to complement our mud logging systems for greater customization of your project. Whether you need additional data acquisition sensors, multiple real-time calculations, various plots, additional equipment, assorted sample types, or different display options, we can accommodate your needs.

Data Acquisition Sensor Available Include:


  * Draw Works Depth Encoder

  * Pump Stroke Counter

  * Choke Pressure

  * Hook Load

  * Pit Volume Totals

  * Pump Pressure

  * Rotary RPM


Real-Time Calculations Available Include:

  * True Vertical Depth

  * Rate of Penetration

  * Average Rate of Penetration

  * D-Exponent

  * Corrected D-Exponent

  * Pump Rates

  * Mud Flow In

  * Weight-On-Bit

  * Block Position

  * Lag Time

  * Lag Strokes

  * Sample Depth

  * Mud Pit Gain/ Loss


Optional Services Available Include:

  * Bulk Shale Density Plots

  * Computed "dc" Exponent Plots

  * Estimated Pore Pressure Plots

  * Gas Ratio Plot

  * Mud Temperature In/Out Plots

  * Mud Resistivity In/Out Plots

  * True Vertical Depth Log

  * MWD/LWD Log Overlay

  * Ditch Magnet

  * Drill Cutting Scales

  * Calcimeter

  * Mud Weight In/Out

  * Digital Camera to Send Digital Images



  * Rotary Torque

  * Mud Temperature In/Out

  * Mud Return Flow

  * FID Total Gas Detector

  * FID Chromatograph

  * Gas Chromatograph Integrator




  * Equivalent Circulating Density at Bit

  * Equivalent Circulating Density at Casing Shoe

  * Hydrostatic Pressure

  * Annular Velocities

  * System Pressure Losses

  * Pressure Loss at Bit

  * Pump Hydraulic Horsepower

  * Nozzle Velocity

  * Hole Volumes

  * Jet Impact Force

  * Pipe Volume and Displacement

  * Volume Pumped per Foot Drilled




  * Inline CO2 Monitor System with Alarm

  * Single Channel Inline H2S Monitor with Alarm

  * LAS Data Disk

  * Additional Remote Data Displays

  * Rig Floor Data Display

  * Company Man Color Workstation

  * Iso-Tube Gas Sampling

  * Iso-Jar Cuttings Sampling

  * Additional Personnel for Fast Hole/ Extra Samples

  * Flowback Fingerprinting and Early Kick Detection

  * Satellite Communication

  * QGM Constant Volume Gas Trap



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