Friday, August 14, 2020

If you are drilling a production well
, this may be just the system you're looking for. The Stratatel Logging System, introduced into the field in 1995, is our basic logging unit. It comes with all the essential monitoring equipment — depth, rate of penetration, gas and pump strokes — along with the standard computer generated logs. The primary objective of this system is to provide drilling data when the project does not require a complete rig monitoring system. This system is available with remote monitoring capabilities. 

This system is easy and quick to deploy, reducing rig-up time. This system is ideal for development project with its standard suite of sensors which include:

  • Pump Stroke Sensor
  • Gas Extractor
  • Mud Temperature
  • Depth Encoder

Mudlogs produced by this system include 1 inch = 100 feet, 2 inch = 100 feet and 5 inch = 100 feet logs in measured depth or true vertical depth formats. This limited system provides the accuracy of a computer-generated logging system for the cost of a hand-drawn log. In addition, we offer WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard) real time data transmission to existing onsite servers to provide a total picture of what’s going on with a well


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