Friday, August 14, 2020

Real-Time Data

Stratagraph continues to design and develop custom-built programs to meet the needs of its clients.

One such program is our RTD Wellsite Telemetry application. Stratagraph recognized years ago the need for our clients to get their data as soon as possible. By doing so decisions can be made sooner and as a result time and money can be saved. With this in mind we developed our RTD Wellsite Telemetry and it has been serving our customers continuous transmission of real-time geological and engineering data on the rig, their corporate home or anywhere that has internet access.

This provides immediate feedback to the operators and saves time and money. Real-Time Data transmission can also help prevent down-time on a job as problems can be detected and acted upon immediately.

We also realized that securing this data is a must. Our Real-Time Data server is not located in some rented server bank alongside thousands of other websites. Our server is located securely on-site and is continually monitored by our IT staff. In addition, your connection to the RTD Wellsite Telemetry server is encrypted using a 256 bit Secure Socket Layer from Network Solutions.

 After listening to our clients needs we recently re-tooled our Real-Time Data application and now offer it as a second option to our clients. RDT Version 2.0 is not only faster and more configurable, but it is also more suited for mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones. With many more options for the end-user to choose and configure


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