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For more than 50 years, Stratagraph has provided complete mud logging and pressure detection services to the oil and gas industry.

Having accurate, up-to-date information available helps ensure optimal operation decisions can be made while protecting the wellbore and preserving a safe working environment. Targeting the specific needs for each site, we can create a detailed record of a borehole and offer a wealth of information on the lithology of the drill site.

Our logging technicians install various sensors and specialized equipment on the drilling rig to monitor and analyze drilling parameters in real time. Formation and mud samples are collected at specific intervals throughout the drilling process to gain an accurate understanding of what is happening within the wellbore and the formation. You can even receive digital images of formation and core samples via our digital camera-enabled microscopes. Stratagraph also provides interpretation information and percentage data for wellbore lithology.

Stratagraph’s mud logging technicians can then observe, interpret and record findings throughout the drilling process. Technicians also can monitor gas properties using sophisticated gas-detection technology to ensure safety by allowing appropriate action to be taken before a situation becomes problematic. 

We are on a mission to protect, detect, evaluate and transmit quality and reliable data for your crucial oil well functions.

Stratagraph offers multiple onsite monitoring packages as well as offsite monitoring options to suit your needs and budget. Well logging systems come with all the essential equipment to monitor, record and generate standard or customized computer logs. Remote monitoring is available to allow company representatives or drillers to see logged data in real time using the latest satellite technology.

Data Acquisition sensors available include:
  • Draw Works Depth Encoder
  • Pump Stroke Counters
  • Choke Pressure
  • Hook Load
  • Mud Pit Volumes
  • Pump Pressure
  • Rotary RPM
  • Rotary Torque
  • Mud Temperature In/Out
  • Hot Wire Total Gas Detector
  • Hot Wire Chromatograph
  • FID Total Gas Detector
  • FID Chromatograph
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Mud Density In/Out


Stratagraph can also provide real-time
calculations for the following:
  • True Vertical Depth
  • Rate of Penetration
  • Average Rat of Penetration
  • D-Exponent
  • Corrected D-Exponent
  • Pump Rates
  • Mud Flow In
  • Weight-On-Bit
  • Block Position
  • Lag Time
  • Lag Strokes
  • Sample Depth
  • Mud Pit Gain/Loss
  • Equivalent Circulating Density at Bit
  • Equivalent Circulating Density at Casing Shoe
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Annular Velocities
  • System Pressure Losses
  • Pressure Loss at Bit
  • Pump Hydraulic Horsepower
  • Nozzle Velocity
  • Hole Volumes
  • Jet Impact Force
  • Pipe Volume and Displacement
  • Volume Pumped Per Foot Drilled
Optional services available include:
  • Bulk Shale Density Plots
  • Computed "dc" Exponent Plots
  • Estimated Pore Pressure Plots
  • Mud Temperature In/Out Plots
  • Mud Resistivity In/Out Plots
  • Gas Chromatograph Integrator
  • Ture Vertical Depth Log
  • MWD/LWD Log Overlay
  • Ditch Magnet
  • Drill Cuttings Scales
  • Calcimeter
  • Quantitative Gas Measurement Gas Trap Phase I
  • Quantitative Gas Measurement Gas Trap Phase II
    (Including FID Total Gas Detector and Chromatograph)
  • Digital Microscope with Ability to Send Digital Images
  • CO2 Monitor System with Alarm
  • Single/Multi Channel H2S Monitor with Alarm
  • LAS Data Disk
  • Additional Remote Data Displays
  • Rig Floor Data Display
  • Company Man Color Workstation
  • Iso-Tube Gas Sampling
  • Iso-Jar Cuttings Samples
  • Additional Personnel for Fast Hole/Extra Samples


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