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Optional Services

Stratagraph offers multiple onsite monitoring packages as well as offsite monitoring options to suit your needs and budget. Well logging systems come with all the essential equipment to monitor, record and generate standard or customized computer logs. Remote monitoring is available to allow company representatives or drillers to see logged data in real time using the latest satellite technology.

Available Options Include:

Gas Chromatograph Integrator

PeakSimple software has been continuously developed, refined, and improved since 1988 by a dedicated team of working chromatographers. These chromatographers use the software on a daily basis, and strive to simplify and enhance every aspect of PeakSimple so our customers will benefit.

  • Multi-level Calibrations
  • Data Merge across channels 
  • Autosampler Queue
  • Batch Reprocessing
  • Built-in Data Validation
  • 3D chromatogram display
  • Built-in FTP Capability
  • Click & Drag Retention Windows 
  • Baseline Subtraction
  • Chromatogram Overlay
  • DDE Links
  • Component Tables



True Vertical Depth Log

TVD is the depth of a well measured vertically from the surface to the bottom of a well and is a in contrast to the total measured and logged depth and the driller's total depths that are measured along the course of the well and are usually longer.

MWD / LWD Data Integration

On request we can add MWD / LWD data onto our log to help gain a clearer picture of the well formation.

Ditch Magnet

Used for removal of steel particles from the fluid system ensuring decreased wear of rig as well as surface and down hole equipment.  

Drill Cuttings Scale

Used in conjunction with the ditch magnet to help determine rate of wear.


The Calcimeter accurately and quickly determines if scale build up is composed of calcium carbonate. The calcite to dolomite content of the unknown sample aids in determining which chemical treating program to implement. The entire test procedure requires 15 to 30 minutes for both calcite and dolomite determination.

QGM Gas Trap Phase 1

The Quantitative Gas Measurement (QGM) system provides accurate, consistent, and reliable gas-in-mud measurements while drilling. QGM uses a highly sensitive, controlled-sample gas trap that provides stable gas extraction over a wide range of operating conditions. Calibration of the trap to actual gas-in-mud values gives accurate and consistent gas-in-mud measurements that can be used for meaningful analysis and well-to-well correlation.

QGM Gas Trap Phase 2

Phase 2 of this option includes our FID Total Gas Detector and Gas Chromatograph.

Digital Microscopy

Digital microscopy has been a valuable tool that we have offered as an option to our clients for years. With this option we can send high resolution digital images of formation and core samples for offsite evaluation.


Single/Multi Channel H2S Monitor with Alarm

Sour gas is a term used to describe natural gas containing hydrogen sulphide, or H2S, a toxic, flammable substance. Hydrogen sulphide gives sour gas its distinctive rotten egg odor and is found in gas deposits across the world and, even at low levels, can cause adverse health issues. Stratagraph offers the capability to monitor for H2S as an added safety option.


LAS Data Disk

We also offer an LAS (Log ASCII Standard) export feature. Your raw data can be exported in LAS standard format, which allows the data to be used in any number of log analysis programs. This is an extremely powerful tool in today’s data dependent world

Additional Remote Data Displays

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Rig Floor Data Display

Rig Floor workstation / interface for providing simultaneous operational access to rig and logging parameters.

Company Man Workstation

Company representative's monitoring system that can display all logging variables real time.

Iso-Tube Gas Sampling

IsoTubes were originally designed for sampling during mud logging. The simple “snap-in” and “flow-through” features of the IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold allow samples to be taken instantaneously from a flow stream by simply flipping the valve control handle. This can all be done without interfering with the operation of other mud-logging equipment.

Iso-Jar Cuttings Samples

For collecting drill cuttings that have traditionally been sampled into paint cans, we have developed the IsoJar, constructed of a durable, clear plastic. After extensive testing, we have found there is very little change in either the compositional or isotopic data of gases contained in these jars over time since leakage compared to paint cans is drastically reduced.

Pore Pressure Plots

On request we can supply a pore pressure plot which includes:

  1. Shale Bulk Density Plots
  2. Computed "dc" Exponent Plots
  3. Estimated Pore Pressure Plots
  4. Mud Temperature In/Out Plots
  5. Mud Resistivity In/Out Plots

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