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The Strataview system is our most sophisticated computer integrated system to date, although it is always being improved and expanded upon With this system you get the most comprehensive rig monitoring system found in the industry today. The Strataview system was originally designed with expansion and customization in mind.


This intuitive and powerful system provides interactive workstations at remote locations on the drilling rig through a local area network to provide operator personnel the ability to look at all drilling data stations at the drilling location as well as from their office. You are not restricted to looking at just the drilling data provided on the remote monitor, you can now look at the drilling data and the mudlogs at any time. It is no longer necessary to wait on drilling data or mudlogs from the mudlogger.


The Strataview system provides a suite of 75 drilling data functions and hydraulic calculations. There are three customizable screens so you can select only the functions you wish to view or you can set up all three screens with situation-specific data. Either way you wish to go, you are not restricted to viewing only the data which the logging company has determined necessary for you. With the Strataview system you control how the system displays drilling data. Obviously you know what you want, and now you can have it.


The Strataview system provides the standard log, 1"=100', 2"=100", and 5"=100', in the measured depth and true vertical depth formats. And, with the ability to add the MWD data to the mudlog, you have all the well information in one convenient log. You can view samples of our mudlogs by going to the Mudlog Samples page. 


Some of the real-time calculations that the StrataView system displays are:

Measured Depth True Verticle Depth ECD @ Bit
Lag Time Rate of Penetration ECD @ Shoe
Average ROP Corrected D-Exponent Pressure Losses
Weight on Bit Pump Rate Hole Volumes
Bit & Pump Hyd. Flow In Lag Strokes
Sample Depth Pit Gain / Loss Pore Pressure
Pit Totalizer    

Some of the sensors provided for this real-time data acquisition system include:


Pump Counters On/Off Bottom Rotary Torque
Rotary RPM Total Gas Detector Pump Pressure
Hookload Gas Chromatography Pit Volume
Mud Temp In/Out Pneumatic Gas Trap Return Flow


Mudlogs produced by this system include 1 inch = 100 feet, 2 inch = 100 feet and 5 inch = 100 feet logs in measured depth or true vertical depth formats. This limited system provides the accuracy of a computer-generated logging system for the cost of a hand-drawn log. In addition, we offer WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard) real time data transmission to existing onsite servers to provide a total picture of what’s going on with a well

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