Monday, July 06, 2020

Stratagraph and NUTECH Energy Alliance Announce New Partnership

NUTECH Energy Alliance and STRATAGRAPH announce a new partnership to deliver more information about your reservoir by performing detailed cuttings analysis on a well. PoroLabs, a division of NUTECH, will utilize drill cutting samples collected by Stratagraph to run XRD, XRF, and TOC cuttings analysis to give a more detailed picture of the reservoir.

Stratagraph and NUTECH have a combined 70 plus years of experience by delivering data that is crucial for insightful reservoir characterization. This will give operators a more in depth understanding of their reservoir while providing a better understanding of well results. These results can help calibrate the petrophysical and GeoMechanical attributes.

You can further utilize NUTECH’s basin studies and petrophysical capabilities to see where the well fits in to the field. Contact your NUTECH or Stratagraphrepresentative today, to discover how we can help you.

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