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RoqSCAN™ is a cutting edge, fully portable automated mineralogical system that has been exclusively developed by Robertson USA and Carl Zeiss for use at the oil and gas well site, in core stores, field offices and laboratories.

RoqSCAN™ combines powerful analysis with customized oil and gas interpretation software tools within a single turnkey solution and represents the most advanced field-based automated, quantitative and diagnostic mineralogical/rock properties tool currently on offer within the industry.

RoqSCAN is able to generate detailed textural datasets at resolutions from 100’s nm (in the laboratory) and 1 (in the field) on ditch cuttings (all drill bit types and in both oil based and water based mud systems) cores and thin sections samples from both conventional and unconventional plays.

The system was officially launched in April 2011 at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists convention in Houston, TX. Since the launch in 2011 RoqSCAN systems have been successfully deployed on oil and gas rig sites throughout North, Central and Latin America and Europe.

As well as a real time well site service in 2013 Robertson USA opened its Technical Services Laboratory in Houston, Texas offering both hot shot and standard automated mineralogical analyses and other services including high resolution SEM imaging, porosity analysis from cuttings and organic geochemical analyses. Since the launch of its laboratory, Robertson USA technicians have completed laboratory projects from most of the key unconventional resource plays in the USA and Canada, together with selected plays from other key basins around the world, e.g. China, Australia.

Detailed Quantitative Analysis

RoqSCAN™ delivers detailed petrographic style analyses of drill cuttings, thin sections or cores, providing properties such
as RoqSCAN SGR, mineral type, clay species, elemental data, matrix density, brittleness and ductility (RoqFRAC) and porosity data (%, pore size distribution and pore shape) on a non-destructive and quantitative point count basis.

This point by point analysis allows the RoqSCAN™ to distinguish more than 100 minerals, ˃70 elements, more accurately differentiate clay minerals and clay mineral phases and provide quantitative textural information.


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