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Established in 1961, Stratagraph is one of the pioneers in the mud logging industry. For over fifty years we have consistently improved our capabilities to monitor, record, and display drilling functions.


During this time we have logged over six thousand wells in the Gulf of Mexico, on land and abroad. Our experienced mud loggers have a combined knowledge that is unsurpassed


. We also have extensive experience with deepwater wells, as well as the difficult Norphlet Formation in Mobile Bay. We have logged hundreds of wells in the Cotton Valley and Hosston formation over the past 20 years, as well as specialized air drilling in coal-bed methane.










One reason we are able to consistently out perform the competition is due in large part to our flexibility. We are able to custom-design software and hardware configurations for any of our customers requirements. From a field development project to the most volatile high pressure exploration well, we have the equipment and qualified personnel to handle any project.


We are unsurpassed in not only the number of wells logged, but also in the footage logged in the Gulf of Mexico and coastal plain. Operations world wide.








In this current technological age, Research & Development is vital for any company wishing to stay competitive and assume a leadership position. Our commitment to the future is absolute. All of our staff is dedicated to improving and enhancing our services and discovering innovative directions for tomorrow.


Three technical departments work full time to continually update our systems to provide your project with the most up to date and cutting edge solutions available.